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Medical histology Editor / s Nadir M. Maraldi, Carlo Tacchetti Author / s Saverio Cinti, Michelangelo Cordenonsi, Simona Corso, Ottavio Cremona, Massimo De Felici, Roberta Di Pietro, Nicoletta Gagliano, Silvia Giordano, Nadir M. Maraldi, Carla Martinelli, Alessandro Moretta, Sergio Morini, Beatrice Nico, Maria Prat, Domenico Puzzolo, Domenico Ribatti, Giovanni Francesco Spatola, Carlo Tacchetti ISBN 9788870513899 Medical histology Medical histology is a modern text more oriented in the "medical" sense, in order to provide students with the tools to frame the subject in the context of preclinical disciplines. In it are presented experimentally acquired data, framed in mechanistic models whose validity is widely confirmed and which contribute to an understanding of the pathophysiological processes. The goal was to provide a model of study of a complex subject, which is also applicable to other disciplines that the student will meet in the course of his medical studies. The volume has been divided into blocks of teaching material: • text and figures - essential subjects; • in-depth analysis with figures - supplementary topics; • areas of clinical histology - physiopathological correlations; • extra content in the Virtual Campus web site - additional material available in multimedia format. Each chapter contains a paragraph concerning the Prerequisites, that is the basic knowledge necessary for a correct classification of the topics covered, a paragraph concerning the Objectives that the study of the topic is aimed at and a Summary of the topic dealt with and concludes with Concepts key to the topics covered. The topics have been developed highlighting the differentiation mechanisms that allow, in both embryonic and adult life, the exchange and integration of stem cell elements in the context of functional specialized populations. Particular attention was paid to the biomechanical properties of tissues and to the properties of the different populations of adult stem cells, also in consideration of their increasing use, also in association with biomaterials, in regenerative medicine.