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Energy load Behaviours of Sicilian Hotel: methods for reducing the annual consumptions of bungalow hotels in the Mediterranean area


Starting from the analysis of the energy consumption of some typical Sicilian hotels, it has been possible to assess their annual energy load behaviours, by source type. In addition, it has been also developed a simple model of the annual consumption, by kind of energy load. This approach allowed the comparison of true load-type energy consumption with typical load-type benchmark values (e.g. lighting consumption). In turn, this allows the singling out of feasible methods for the reductions of the energy consumption; the found solutions take into account three fundamental issues: energy, economy and environment. Analysed buildings are represented by typical hotels of the Mediterranean area; as that, the data obtained will be comparable to that ones of similar geographical zones, such as the countries of the Mediterranean area. The analysis and the proposed energy consumption model allowed to single out the main problems to cope with when managing energy problems of hotel resorts. In addition, we propose here the use of renewable energy sources, having in mind the actions yearly assessed by U.E., in order to reduce national pollution releases and the foreign energy dependency.