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Company Competitiveness as a Variable Success Strategy for the Territory and the Environment

  • Autori: Sgroi, F; Donia, E; Mineo, A
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2021
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
  • Parole Chiave: agri-food system; quality product; valute chain;
  • OA Link:


Supporting the fortunes of the Made in Italy agri-food brand are the best quality products which can be found throughout the Italian territory and which, in many cases, derive from Southern Italy, with a particularly interesting role assumed by Campania and Sicily.The Sicily Region boasts a varied and peculiar food and wine heritage, especially from a qualitative point of view, the Born in Sicily brand, made with excellent raw materials which constitute and support the development of important production lines within the agro-industrial sector.Among the most important food industries in Italy and on the island, there are some operating in the confectionery industry. Today the fast-growing confectionery industry contributes a great deal to the agri-food system.This study analyzes the agri-food system both in Italy and Sicily, highlighting the main sectors which contribute to make the Made in Italy brand competitive around the world and how companies have succeeded in starting up some interesting internationalization processes.This the reason why a specific case regarding a Sicilian confectionery industry is examined so as to understand how it was able to create such a successful innovative product, establishing itself on both the national and international market.The results show that entrepreneurial skills contribute a great deal to creating business competitiveness and territorial development.