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CIGS PV Module Characteristic Curves Under Chemical Composition and Thickness Variations

  • Autori: Miceli, R; Cipriani, G; Di Dio, V; Spataro, C; Ricco Galluzzo, G; La Rocca, V; Curcio, L; Parisi, A; Cino, AC; Pernice, R; Andò, A; Adamo, G; Tomasino, A; Stivala, S; Busacca, A; Palmisano, G; La Cascia, D
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2014
  • Tipologia: eedings
  • Parole Chiave: CIGS Photovoltaic Modules; Photovoltaic Modules characterization
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This paper analyzes how the electrical characteristics of a CIGS photovoltaic module are affected by the chemical composition and by the thickness variations of the CIGS absorber. The electrical characteristics here considered are the short circuit current, the open circuit voltage, the efficiency and the power peak. The chemical composition is varied by tuning the ratio between gallium and indium. This analysis has been performed by means of the wxAMPS software, developed by the University of Illinois. The above variations have been taken into account on a PV module made of 72 cells. This analysis has been carried out employing a PV module mathematical model developed and implemented by the Authors in Matlab environment.