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Measurement of W-pair production in e(+)e(-) collisions at centre-of-mass energies from 183 to 209 GeV

  • Autori: Schael, S.; Barate, R.; Brunelie, ; Re, R.; DE BONIS, I.; Decamp, D.; Goy, C.; Je, Z.; Quel, S.; Lees, J.; Martin, F.; Merle, E.; Minard, M.; Pietrzyk, B.; Trocme, B.; Bravo, S.; Casado, M.; Chmeissani, M.; Crespo, J.; Fernandez, E.; FERNANDEZ BOSMAN, M.; Garrido, L.; Martinez, M.; Pacheco, A.; Ruiz, H.; Colaleo, A.; Creanza, D.; DE FILIPPIS, N.; DE PALMA, M.; Iaselli, G.; Maggi, G.; Maggi, M.; Nuzzo, S.; Ranieri, A.; Raso, G.; Ruggieri, F.; Selvaggi, G.; Silvestris, L.; Tempesta, P.; Tricomi, A.; Zito, G.; Huang, X.; Lin, J.; Ouyang, Q.; Wang, T.; Xie, Y.; Xu, R.; Xue, S.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, L.; Zhao, W.; Abbaneo, D.; Barklow, T.; Buchmu, ; Ller, O.; Cattaneo, M.; Clerbaux, B.; Drevermann, H.; Forty, R.; Frank, M.; Gianotti, F.; Hansen, J.; Harvey, J.; Hutchcroft, D.; Janot, P.; Jost, B.; Kado, M.; Mato, P.; Moutoussi, A.; Ranjard, F.; Rolandi, L.; Schlatter, D.; Sguazzoni, G.; Teubert, F.; Valassi, A.; Videau, I.; Badaud, F.; Dessagne, S.; Falvard, A.; Fayolle, D.; Gay, P.; Jousset, J.; Michel, B.; Monteil, S.; Pallin, D.; Pascolo, J.; Perret, P.; Hansen, J.; Hansen, J.; Hansen, P.; Kraan, A.; Nilsson, B.; Kyriakis, A.; Markou, C.; Simopoulou, E.; Vayaki, A.; Zachariadou, K.; Blondel, A.; Brient, J.; Machefert, F.; Rouge, A.; Videau, H.; Ciulli, V.; Focardi, E.; Parrini, G.; Antonelli, A.; Antonelli, M.; Bencivenni, G.; Bossi, F.; Capon, G.; Cerutti, F.; Chiarella, V.; Laurelli, P.; Mannocchi, G.; Murtas, G.; Passalacqua, L.; Kennedy, J.; Lynch, J.; Negus, P.; O'Shea, V.; Thompson, A.; Wasserbaech, S.; Cavanaugh, R.; Dhamotharan, S.; Geweniger, C.; Hanke, P.; Hepp, V.; Kluge, E.; Putzer, A.; Stenzel, H.; Tittel, K.; Wunsch, M.; Beuselinck, R.; Cameron, W.; Davies, G.; Dornan, P.; Girone, M.; Marinelli, N.; Nowell, J.; Rutherford, S.; Sedgbeer, J.; Thompson, J.; White, R.; Ghete, V.; Girtler, P.; Kneringer, E.; Kuhn, D.; Rudolph, G.; BOUHOVA THACKER, E.; Bowdery, C.; Clarke, D.; Ellis, G.; Finch, A.; Foster, F.; Hughes, G.; Jones, R.; Pearson, M.; Robertson, N.; Smizanska, M.; VAN DER AA, O.; Delaere, C.; Leibenguth, G.; Lemaitre, V.; Blumenschein, U.; Ho, ; Lldorfer, F.; Jakobs, K.; Kayser, F.; Kleinknecht, K.; Mu, ; Ller, A.; Renk, B.; Sander, H.; Schmeling, S.; Wachsmuth, H.; Zeitnitz, C.; Ziegler, T.; Bonissent, A.; Coyle, P.; Curtil, C.; Ealet, A.; Fouchez, D.; Payre, P.; Tilquin, A.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2004
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista (Articolo in rivista)
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The W+W- production cross section is measured from a data sample corresponding to a total integrated luminosity of 683 pb(-1), collected by the ALEPH experiment at LEP at centre-of-mass energies from 183 to 209 GeV. Individual cross sections for the different topologies arising from W decays into leptons or hadrons, as well as the total W-pair cross section are given at eight centre-of-mass energies. The results are found to be in agreement with recently developed Standard Model calculations at the one percent level. The hadronic branching fraction of the W boson is measured to be B(W --> q(q) over bar) = 67.13 +/- 0.37 (stat.) +/- 0.15 (syst.)%, from which the CKM matrix element \V-cs\ is determined to be 0.958 +/- 0.017 (stat.) +/- 0.008 (syst.).