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Demand Response Service Certification and Customer Baseline Evaluation Using Blockchain Technology

  • Autori: Sciume Giuseppe; Palacios-Garcia E.J.; Gallo P.; Sanseverino Eleonora Riva; Vasquez J.C.; Guerrero J.M.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2020
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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The use of Distributed Ledger Technologies such as Blockchain for certifying Demand Response services allows for the creation of a distributed system in which customers can communicate with the system operator to provide their flexibility, in a secure, transparent and traceable way. Blockchain technology also supports incentive mechanisms for users taking part in the service through the generation of utility tokens to recognize the user's contribution. This paper presents the experimental test of a novel methodology for Demand Response programs implementation by using the Blockchain technology. The latter is employed for defining a distributed Demand Response service and a new system for its tracing and certification. For this work, a Smart Contract has been conceived and written to execute Demand Response events, calculate users' baseline, compute the support provided by each user towards the fulfilment of the requested load curve modification and remunerate each user with utility tokens proportionally to their contribution. To test the methodology, a Hyperledger Fabric network and a Smart Contract were deployed on four nodes of the Microgrid Laboratory of the Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University (DK). Subsequently, a realistic scenario comprising two consumer nodes was developed using power electronic converters for generating the household profiles and Smart Meters for the measurement of the consumption profiles. Theoretical and experimental results show the feasibility of Distributed Ledger Technologies in smart grids management with a minimum investment in new hardware while enabling the active participation of customers in Demand Response more transparently and fairly.