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Urban Resilience: A New Way to Live the Urban Space


Since the dawn of the urban age, the issues and values of the urban settlement have varied considerably through the centuries, as well as the theory of ideal and perfect urban form, but the importance of urban spatial structure has never been erased. Nowadays, the city is still in the middle of our civilisation, but the relationships between nested socio-ecological systems are more complex because the human-environment interactions are not bidirectional. Last month news told us that the new coronavirus has not been the first case of a virus that skips the species, reaching up to man, but unlike other recent viruses it had been–and it still is–the first that after centuries has caused significant social effects on human communities. The overlapping of a mixed and interrelated crisis is attacking the contemporary urban structure, and we need to reshape it in a new adaptive way. The paper analyses the origin and the current status of the syndemic we live in, and collects some examples useful to reshape the urban public space.