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Future 0,0,0. Urban/human futures


“Futurus” in Latin is the future participle (!) of the verb to be, then, we literally translate it into “what will be” and, in the classical ontology of the pre-Socratic period, being does not derive from the Man who scratches time and bends the path of history producing effects reduced to the tickle done to a pachyderm. Will the future, then, inexorably be independent from the human will? Not necessarily. the futures If we try to distinguish the future as the time line that goes to infinity as a positive future like a projection of human action in time, two views will come out: a static view - far in the coordinates x, y, t - and a dynamic vision which tends to reach a point of coordinates x, y, t. This means that we can distinguish the outcome of our actions in the future from the design tension that we put into the construction of the outcome.