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Analisi carpologiche preliminari dei reperti provenienti da un bothros nel santuario a Ovest del teatro di Solunto


The paper presents the preliminary results from the archaeobotanical analysis of the remains from a bothros discovered in the sanctuary area above the theater in Solunto (Santa Flavia, Palermo). The samples were collected from stratigraphic sequences and levels in the pit during the campaign 2022. The finds allow us to reconstruct any ritual phases attested from the votive offering of terracotta figurines (a “devoto sofferente” figurine and a votive foot) and sealings, animal remains (avifauna, especially rooster) and combusted plant-based. In particular, the carpological data show species specifically used to be consumed by humans, such as legumes (Lathyrus sativus and Vicia faba) and grains (Triticum monococcum, T. aestivum subsp. spelta/ T. turgidum subsp. dicoccon). Only by completing the dig of the bothros, we could provide a complete overview of its use and exploitation.