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Intersticios conflictivos en la sección «Un cuento mensual» de la revista Legiones y Falanges (1940-1943)


This study focuses on the seven short narrative texts of the Spanish edition of the magazine Legiones y Falanges (1940-43), which were published under the heading "A monthly story", from May / June 1942 to December same year. The heading "A monthly story" presents six stories by Spanish authors and only one in translation, "Nariz Azul", by Italian reporter and writer Vittorio G. Rossi. The Spanish firms are all of intellectual figures often of avant-garde formation and production as Samuel Ros, José María Sánchez Silva, Tomás Borrás, D. Fernández Barreira, Alfredo Marqueríe and Tristán Yuste, literary pseudonym of Octavio Aparicio López. The stories grouped in the rubric, within the lines often assimilated to those of the modern story, seem to devote themselves to a space of fiction capable of opening cracks for the representation of problematic or surreal, even paradoxical experiences, carried out by subjects in conflict, and being placed in crisis gaps regarding the 'overload' of sociocultural and ideological references that mark the editorial project of the bilingual magazine as a whole.