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A study on sports activities performed by Palermo football club fans

  • Autori: Tona, P.; Bellafiore, M.; Amenta, C.; Battaglia, G.; Caramazza, G.; Bianco, A.; Palma, A.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2011
  • Tipologia: Proceedings (TIPOLOGIA NON ATTIVA)
  • Parole Chiave: fan; emulation factor; lifestyle
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Introduction: It is known that sport is able to evoke high levels of emotional attachment and identification (Sutton et al., 1997). This phenomenon can be a factor stimulating the practice of football mainly at a young age. The aim of this study was to explore whether Palermo fans do sports activities and especially football. Methods: Several websites and telecasts mainly followed by Palermo fans were used to select the participants for this study and invite them to fill in a questionnaire. The data collected were elaborated by statistical analysis. Results: 899 fans filled in the questionnaire (743 men and 156 women). The average age of women was 32.74 ± 11.13 years; while that of men was 35.97 ± 13.46. 28% of women do sports activities; while 55% among men. Only 3% of women play football; while 52% of them do fitness; 21% basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.; 13% athletics; 5% swimming and tennis; 1% martial arts. In men, 42% play football; while 15% basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.; 14% fitness; 13% athletics; 8% swimming; 6% tennis; 2% martial arts. In the active fans with 11-20 years old (n=45), 56% of them play football; 20% do fitness; 6% athletics, swimming, basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.; 4% martial arts; 2% tennis. In the active fans with 21-30 years old (n=176), 46% of them play football; 22% do fitness; 13% basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.; 7% athletics; 5% swimming and tennis; 2% martial arts. Of the active fans who are 31-40 years old (n=112), 36% of them play football; 16% basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.; 15% fitness and athletics; 8% swimming; 7% tennis; 3% martial arts. Of the active fans who are 41-50 years old (n=96), 24% of them play football; 19% basketball, volleyball, handball, etc. and fitness; 17% athletics; 10% swimming; 9% tennis; 2% martial arts. Of the active fans who are 51-60 years old (n=34), 22% of them play football; 41% do fitness; 17% basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.; 10% tennis; 5% swimming and athletics; 0% martial arts. Of the active fans who are 61-70 years old (n=7), one of them plays football; 3 do fitness; 1 trekking; 1 swimming; 1 athletics; 0 martial arts. Conclusion: The practice of football by Palermo fans appears to be associated with sex and age. The low number of female fans playing football might be due to the lack of female players with which to identify themselves. On the other hand, the emulation factor seems to strongly affect the male fans and mainly those of a young age. Reference › Sutton, W.A., McDonald, M.A., Milne, G.R. (1997). Creating and fostering fan identification in professional sports. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 6, 15-22.