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Multislice human organ extraction based on GVF

  • Authors: Ardizzone, E.; Pirrone, R.; Gambino, O.; Vitabile, S.; Scarnato, M.; LO RE, G.; Galia, M.; Midiri, M.
  • Publication year: 2008
  • Type: Proceedings (TIPOLOGIA NON ATTIVA)
  • Key words: Medical imaging, Segmentation, GVF
  • OA Link:


Segmentation techniques based on active contours algorithm are widely used in medical imaging. Unfortunately, they require a lot of parameters to be used and this can rep- resent an issue for those physicians with not much informatics skills. This paper proposes a software tool which allows to segment multiple slice can differ organ extraction setting a small number of parameters. Moreover, the tool offers the functionality to perform a multiple segmentation the same time, so that an entire volume composed by hundreds slices can be segmented.