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Organo-Clay Nanomaterials Based on Halloysite and Cyclodextrin as Carriers for Polyphenolic Compounds


Hybrid material based on halloysite covalently linked to a hyper-reticulated cyclodextrin network was investigated as a potential carrier for polyphenolic compounds. The absorption ability of the hybrid system was studied in different pH conditions as well as the kinetic release of curcumin, chosen as a drug model. A preliminary study was performed to assess the antioxidant capacity of the obtained carrier. The obtained results highlighted that the curcumin molecule can have sustained release from the carrier over the time, retaining its antioxidant properties due to the combination of two different host systems that give rise to an hyper-reticulated structure, allowing an increase in the drug loading and stabilization. Therefore, this work puts forward an efficient strategy to prepare organic-inorganic hybrids with three different cavities that could encapsulate two or more drug molecules with different physico-chemical properties.