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Management of laryngeal precancerous lesions

  • Autori: Dispenza, F.; De Stefano, A.; Marchese, D.; Martines, F.; Dispenza, C.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2012
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista (Articolo in rivista)
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Objective: The identification of precancerous lesions is the basis of an early diagnosis, and of a treatment that allows, in the great part of cases, the preservation of organ functions. The aims of this study were: the evaluation of the less invasive treatment for precancerous lesion of the larynx to minimize the recurrences, the estimation of number of further operation required. Methods: A prospective study was clone on patients with clinical diagnosis of laryngeal precancerosis. The patients were treated by a transoral endoscopic approach with direct microlaryngoscopy (DML) doing an excision-biopsy with cold blade, consisting in excision of the whole visible lesion with vocal ligament preservation. Results: A recurrence of a clinically evident precancerous lesion was present in 13.2% of patients that had a laryngeal intraepithelial lesion (LIN) 1 lesion and in 28.95% of patients that had a LIN 2 lesion. Conclusion: In order to achieve a control of a precancerous lesion, we suggest: excisional biopsy/subepithelial cordectomy (type 1 cordectomy) for LIN 1 lesions and subligament cordectomy (type 2 cordectomy) in case of LIN 2 cases. In case of recurrences of LIN 1 lesion we suggest directly a type 2 cordectomy.