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Meristic character counts and incidence of skeletal anomalies in the wild Diplodus puntazzo (Cetti, 1777) of an area of the south-eastern Mediterranean Sea.


The sharpsnout seabream (Diplodus puntazzo, Cetti 1777) is a species rarely found in coastal areas of Sicily, but is important in Mediterranean aquaculture. In order to detect the number of meristic characters and the main types of body deformation, 588 specimens of sharpsnout seabream were collected from a coastal zone of south-east Sicily (Licata, AG—Italy). Different sized classes were examined and the relationship between size and the number of meristic characters (number of fin rays) was found. The number of vertebrae, anal fin hard rays and dorsal fin hard rays was constant and did not vary with size. Seventeen types of skeletal and fin anomalies were observed, but no grave anomalies were found, such as the absence of a swimbladder, lordosis, kyphosis and calculi in the terminal tract of the urinary duct. The most prevalent anomalies were associated with the fins, especially E7 (pectoral fin rays), F7 (anal fin rays) and I7 (dorsal fin soft rays). There was no correlation between frequency of anomaly and size class. The malformation index was 4.54.