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Natural emotion: progetti di itinerari naturalistici e nuovi accessi al patrimonio archeologico di Tindari


The exceptional orographic and natural conditions, together with the cultural and patrimonial ones, of our territory have become the landscape of relations between the spaces where silence, slowdown and acceleration define the urban and human imagination of the territories of the very different minor centers among them by topographical location, by cultural and linguistic traditions and specificities. What future for the smaller centers? This is one of the questions of the contribution that it intends to face closely the role of the architectural project in the fragile territory of the minor centers where it is possible to find the constants in the critical issues of the participants that concern: accessibility, mobility, hospitality, production, intermediate connections, the escape of young people, the contraction of health facilities and schools and much more. Working in these territories of doubt and uncertainty means offering a political project that gathers the existing complexity to understand, describe, tell and indicate to change a model of sociality of reference in the conflict over the region of the Sicilian territory. The work Tindari 2030: Natural emotion presents some research-action reflections carried out in scientific support of the I.ti.n.da.ri "project of excellence", financed in the two-year period 2015-2017 by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage MiBAC, to the planning and realization of itineraries for the enhancement of naturalistic tourism. The research developed by the LabCity Architecture research group aims to highlight and enhance the natural resources, cultures and religions of the territory of Tindari leveraging updated resources: the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna, the archaeological site (396 BC), the Reserve Natural Oriented Laghetti di Marinello, the Coda di Volpe path, residual excerpt of the Via Francigena "Palermo-Messina per la marina".