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A novel linear-non-linear digital control for DC/DC converters

  • Autori: Capponi, G.; Boscaino, V.; DI BLASI, G.; Livreri, P.; M., M.; F., M.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2006
  • Tipologia: Proceedings (TIPOLOGIA NON ATTIVA)
  • Parole Chiave: DC-DC converters; Electric potential; constant on-time
  • OA Link:


In this paper, a digitally controlled multi-module DC-DC converter with fast transient response, based on a linear-non-linear control is presented. The proposed digital control improves the stability of the system, cuts off the effects of limit-cycle and reduces the recovery time, by making the "effective" bandwidth of the system independent of the bandwidth of the linear control loop and limits, at the same time, output voltage variations. The novel digital control is AVP-compatible and halves the recovery time. Preliminary hardware tests on a single phase step-down converter are reported. The experimental results match simulation ones, obtained by modelling system with Matlab/Aldec mixed environment. Implemented system shows fast transient responses comparable to analog controls.