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Straightforward preparation of highly loaded MWCNT-polyamine hybrids and their application in catalysis

  • Authors: Campisciano V.; Burger R.; Calabrese C.; Liotta L.F.; Lo Meo P.; Gruttadauria M.; Giacalone F.
  • Publication year: 2020
  • Type: Articolo in rivista
  • OA Link:


Multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) were easily and efficiently functionalised with highly cross-linked polyamines. The radical polymerisation of two bis-vinylimidazolium salts in the presence of pristine MWCNTs and azobisisobutyronitrile (AIBN) as a radical initiator led to the formation of materials with a high functionalisation degree. The subsequent treatment with sodium borohydride gave rise to the reduction of imidazolium moieties with the concomitant formation of secondary and tertiary amino groups. The obtained materials were characterised by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), elemental analysis, solid state 13C-NMR, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), potentiometric titration, and temperature programmed desorption of carbon dioxide (CO2-TPD). One of the prepared materials was tested as a heterogeneous base catalyst in C-C bond forming reactions such as the Knoevenagel condensation and Henry reaction. Furthermore, two examples concerning a sequential one-pot approach involving two consecutive reactions, namely Knoevenagel and Michael reactions, were reported. This journal is