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Analysis and control of a seven mode truncation of the Kolmogorov flow with drag.

  • Autori: Gambino, G.; Lombardo, M.; Sammartino, M.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2008
  • Tipologia: Altro
  • Parole Chiave: Finite dimensional approximation, adaptive control
  • OA Link:


The transition from laminar to chaotic motion in a viscous fluid flow is investigated by analyzing a seven dimensional dynamical system obtained by a truncation of the Fourier modes for the Kolmogorov flow with drag friction. Analytical expressions of the bifurcation curves are obtained and a sequence of period doubling bifurcations are numerically observed as the Reynoplds number is increased for fixed values of the drag parameter. An adaptive stabilization of the system trajectories to an equilibrium point or to a periodic orbit is obtained through a model reference approach which makes the control global.