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Experimental investigation on tensile and shear bond behaviour of Basalt-FRCM composites for strengthening calcarenite masonry elements

  • Autori: Oddo M.C.; Minafo' G.; La Mendola L.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2023
  • Tipologia: Contributo in atti di convegno pubblicato in rivista
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The use of Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) composites for structural retrofit has seen an increased interest among the scientific community, during the last decade. Various studies have revealed their effectiveness as external retrofitting technique of masonry elements, offering numerous advantages respect to the well know Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) in terms of compatibility with masonry support, reversibility of intervention and sustainability. Despite the growing use, the characterization of FRCM mechanical behaviour is still an open issue, due to numerous uncertainties involved in test set-up adopted and fibre-mortar combination. The proposed experimental study aims to investigate the tensile and shear bond behaviour of Basalt-FRCM for strengthening calcarenite masonry elements. Calcarenite is a natural stone with sedimentary origin and it is widely present in existing buildings of the Mediterranean areas. Direct tensile tests are performed on two types of Basalt-FRCM coupons, with cement-based and lime-based mortar, adopting two different test-set-up based on clamping and clevis grip methods. Moreover, double shear bond tests are carried out to evaluate the adhesion properties of the two types of Basalt-FRCM with calcarenite support. Experimental outcomes are compared in terms of stress-strain curves, evaluating the influence of mortar grade and test set-up on the mechanical performances of Basalt-FRCM composites. The comparisons provide information about the mechanical stress transfer phenomena that occur at the fibre-to-matrix and FRCM-to-substrate interface level and the failure modes.