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Constitutive models for the tensile behaviour of TRM materials: Literature review and experimental verification


In recent years, the scientific community has focused its interest on innovative inorganic matrix composite materials, namely TRM (Textile Reinforced Mortar). This class of materials satisfies the need of retrofitting existing masonry buildings, by keeping the compatibility with the substrate. Different recent studies were addressed to improve the knowledge on their mechanical behaviour and some theoretical models were proposed for predicting the tensile response of TRM strips. However, this task is complex due to the heterogeneity of the constituent materials and the stress transfer mechanism developed between matrix and fabric through the interface in the cracked stage. This paper presents a state-of-the-art review on the existing constitutive models for the tensile behavior of TRM composites. Literature experimental results of tensile tests on TRM coupons are presented and compared with the most relevant analytical models proposed until now. Finally, a new experimental study is presented and its results are used to further verify the reliability of the literature expressions.