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Type V collagen-induced upregulation of capn2 (large subunit of m-calpain) gene expression and DNA fragmentation in 8701-BC breast cancer cells


Type V collagen is known to be over-deposited in the stroma of ductal infiltrating carcinomas of the breast. When used as a substrate, type V collagen restrains growth and invasion, and affects gene expression of 8701-BC ductal infiltrating carcinomas cells. Here we supplement existing data by demonstrating type V collagen dependent upregulation of capn2 gene expression in 8701-BC cells through differential display-PCR and Western blot assays. Furthermore, we suggest that our data obtained by centrifugal sedimentation and electrophoresis strongly suggest a correlation between calpain overproduction and DNA fragmentation, since the incubation with calpain inhibitor partly reverts the latter.