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Environment, information, fake news. Information Disorder. Learning to Recognize Fake News. Fake News


Although more than 25 years have passed since the publication of a report that clearly shows the scientific evidence on global warming and the influence of human activity, today there are still thousands of fake news stories circulating on the web. Lobbies have always used the media to discredit science, and with the boom in social media this strategy has shifted online. Deniers single out items of scientific truth and use them instrumentally to render fake news credible. After years of a widespread lack of control, something is changing: since 2020, Facebook has created the "Climate Science Information Center", a platform that signals fake climate news and encourages people to consult official and reliable sources. What can we Designers do? One of the main causes of the climate crisis is the production of carbon dioxide: planting a thousand billion trees would seem to be the most efficient and ecological solution right now. Reforestation or urban forestation projects are giving us time to think about an ecological transition plan. Our primary goal must be urban models steeped in nature, reduction of waste production and pollution, reduction of energy consumption and projects that employ plants to purify the air.