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A Connected World : designing new methods, tools and solutions to link people together and save the planet

  • Autori: Di Dio, S; Filippi, M; Inzerillo, B; Monterosso, F; Russo, D; Schillaci, D
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2022
  • Tipologia: Curatela
  • OA Link:


All contributions discussed in this essay focus on the potential of design and innovation to address important challenges facing humanity and the importance of inclusive design and sustainability in the digital age. The common characteristics of the texts are that they all discuss design in relation to technology and innovation. They explore how design principles can be applied to various fields, such as education, public services, and sustainability, to create new solutions and opportunities. The authors also discuss the potential of using technology, such as data analysis and digital platforms, to improve design processes and outcomes. Additionally, the papers highlight the importance of inclusive and holistic approaches to design, and the need for collaboration and dialogue between different stakeholders in the design process.