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Il progetto dell’immateriale per la valorizzazione delle identità culturali. L’ex Stabilimento Florio di Favignana


The name of the Florio is bound in an indissoluble bond, the Egadi Islands, purchased by Ignatius senior in 1874. Retrace the most significant in the history of this family means to account for a parable that, over a century, sees them from merchants emigrated, become protagonists of their time and decay into a golden sunset and tragic. After 2007 the tuna fishing by the method of slaughter is banned in Sicily. The establishment of Favignana Florio's once flourishing company fell into disuse, and today became a museum. Saved by physical deterioration and returned to its original grandeur, the former Florio Plant of Favignana has reopened to the public from September 2010 to host a project of excellence. In this context, the former Florio Plant represents a great opportunity, because, as a museum, it returns to the island its history and its culture (material). Here, the project has achieved remarkable results in the application of new technologies that make possible the construction of two highly communicative and challenging environments: the video installations “Torino” and “The Death Room”, both curated by Renato Alongi. In the great hall Turin (before hold), scenically obscured, 18 authors-stars appear on large format holographic screens. “The Death Room" plays the “mattanza” in a poetic way: underwater images of schools of tuna that swim among the networks still unaware of the fate that awaits them are projected in a sequence of large format screens.