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Sub-Symbolic Mapping of Cyc Microtheories in Data-Driven 'Conceptual' Spaces

  • Autori: Pilato, G.; Augello, A.; Scriminaci, M.; Vassallo, G.; Gaglio, S.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2007
  • Tipologia: Abstract in rivista (Abstract in rivista)
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The presented work aims to combine statistical and cognitive-oriented approaches with symbolic ones so that a conceptual similarity relationship layer can be added to a Cyc KB microtheory. Given a specific microtheory, a LSA-inspired conceptual space is inferred from a corpus of texts created using both ad hoc extracted pages from the Wikipedia repository and the built-in comments about the concepts of the specific Cyc microtheory. Each concept is projected in the conceptual space and the desired layer of sub-symbolic relationships between concepts is created. This procedure can help a user in finding the concepts that are “sub-symbolically conceptually related” to a new concept that he wants to insert in the microtheory. Experimental results involving two Cyc microtheories are also reported.