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Aloe-based edible coating to maintain quality of fresh-cut italian pears (Pyrus communis L.) during cold storage

  • Autori: Passafiume R.; Gugliuzza G.; Gaglio R.; Busetta G.; Tinebra I.; Sortino G.; Farina V.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2021
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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Pear fruits are known for their antioxidant and nutritional characteristics. However, they are very susceptible to rapid decay. Edible coating (EC) represents a good strategy to maintain postharvest quality. The effects of two EC in slowing down the senescence processes in fresh-cut ‘Coscia’ pears were investigated: EC1 (A. vera gel, hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose and pomegranate seeds oil (PSO), EC2 (A. vera gel and hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose). Weight loss, firmness and colour decrease more slowly in both EC-treated than in untreated (CTR) slices; soluble solid content increases faster in CTR, indicating a faster ripening process. The specific investigation of undesired microorganisms did not generate any colony in all analysed samples. Sensory analysis confirmed that the tasters preferred the EC2-treated samples, as they were the only ones that did not show undesirable flavours until the last day of storage.