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Valuing the effects of urban road-network projects. A methodological proposal.


This paper proposes a methodology of valuation for the urban environment, trying to answer questions and problems deriving from new road installations, or functional requalifications in existing road infrastructures, in accordance with specific practices already well-known as Urban Impact Assessment (UIA). More generally, the objective of the urban impact assessment consists in valuing the possibilities to localize urban installations, also considering both their economic and social effects, as well as identifying potential dangers to the environment, intended in a general sense. This kind of valuation distinguishes from the traditional environmental impact valuation (e.g., applied for extra-urban road projects), because it gives more importance to aesthetical aspects, such as visual impacts; also through simulation devices with reference to models of urban habitat, it introduces the concept of urban quality for integrating to environmental (and ecologic) quality in order to make the first screening for possibilities of installations into urban areas, considering the element of participation central and ever present. According to the above explained general object, the analysis and valuation methodology proposed in this paper is a tool expressible in a language that can be codified, but with the smallest possible content of strict quantifications and general predetermined physical constraints; as well, it can be able to allow the valuation of real situations (related to urban road installations) working creatively and using prudently procedures and algorithms. The result represents an exploratory study to objectify a process characterized by a strong subjective content in order that the proposed methodology assumes the role of constitutive component of the urban road-network project assessment, as security for comprehensive positive outcomes.