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SecureBallot: A secure open source e-Voting system


Voting is one of the most important acts through which a community can make a collective decision. In recent years, many works have focused on improving traditional voting mechanisms and, as a result, a wide range of electronic voting (e-Voting) systems have been proposed. Even though some approaches have achieved a proper level of usability, the main challenges of e-Voting are essentially still open: protect the privacy of participants, guarantee secrecy, anonymity, integrity, uniqueness, and authenticity of votes, while making e-Voting as trustful as voting. In order to address this issue, we present SecureBallot, a secure open-source e-Voting system that completely decouples the voter identification and voting phases by means of proven cryptographic technologies. The effectiveness of SecureBallot is demonstrated both theoretically, by presenting a formal verification of the whole protocol and assessing the security properties of its software components, and practically, by proposing a case study of university elections that contains all the challenges of a generic voting process.