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Deciphering human γδ T cell response in cancer: Lessons from tumor-infiltrating γδ T cells

  • Autori: Lo Presti E.; Dieli F.; Fournie J.J.; Meraviglia S.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2020
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
  • Parole Chiave: clinical correlation,colon cancer, tumor microenvironment, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, γδ T lymphocytes
  • OA Link:


The finding that γδ T cells are present among tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in humans suggests they participate in tumor immune surveillance, but their relevance is unclear because the relative abundance of tumor-infiltrating γδ T cells correlates with positive or negative, or even do not correlate with prognosis. This likely depends on the fact that tumor-infiltrating γδ T cells may play substantially different effector or regulatory functions, and correlation with patient's prognosis relies on distinct γδ T cell subsets in the context of the tumor. There is interest to exploit γδ T cells in tumor immunotherapy, but to make this approach successful there is urgent need to fully understand the biological functions of γδ T cells and of how they can be manipulated in vivo and ex vivo to safely provide benefit to the host. This review focuses on our previous and ongoing studies of tumor-infiltrating γδ T lymphocytes in different types of human cancer. Moreover, we discuss the interaction of tumor-infiltrating γδ T cells with other cells and molecules present in the tumor microenvironment, and their clinical relevance on the ground, that deep knowledge in this field can be used further for better immunotherapeutic intervention in cancer.