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Simultaneous sludge minimization, biological phosphorous removal and membrane fouling mitigation in a novel plant layout for MBR

  • Autori: Santo Fabio Corsino, Taissa Silva de Oliveira, Daniele Di Trapani, Michele Torregrossa, Gaspare Viviani
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2020
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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The integration of one anaerobic reactor in the mainstream (AMSR) of a pre-denitritication-MBR was evaluated with the aim to achieve simultaneous sludge minimization and phosphorous removal. The excess sludge production was reduced by 64% when the AMSR was operated under 8h of hydraulic retention time (HRT). The highest nutrients removal performances referred to organic carbon (98%), nitrogen (90%) and phosphorous (97%) were obtained under 8 h of HRT. In contrast, prolonged anaerobic-endogenous conditions were found to be detrimental for all nutrients removal performances. Similarly, the lowest membrane fouling tendency (FR=0.65∙1011 m-1 d-1) was achieved under 8 h of HRT, whereas it significantly increased under higher HRT. The highest polyphosphate accumulating organisms kinetics were achieved under HRT of 8 h, showing very high exogenous P-release (46.67 mgPO4-P gVSS-1 h-1) and P-uptake rates (48.6 mgPO4-P gVSS-1 h-1), as well as a not negligible P-release rate under endogenous conditions at low COD/P ratio (≈ 1).