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Properties of the radiation Emitted by a Laser driven quantum Ring


We present the electromagnetic emission from one electron confined in a quantum ring driven by an intense laser field. We consider both a plain ring and one structured by six potential wells that produce a static tangential force. Through a suitable one-dimensional model we numerically solve the associated Schroedinger equation obtaining the correspondent time evolution of the wave-function. We show that the emission is formed by a wide plateau that can be both quasi-continuum or resolved in discrete lines. We study the dependence of the emitted spectra from the polarization status of the external laser field and in particular we concentrate on the intensity of the emitted lines and of their polarization characteristic. The results illustrate how the fabrication of such systems provide important practical sources of creation and control of the radiation. Moreover, the dynamic of the ring, studied from the classical point of view, presents interesting chaotic behavior and can represent an important example of transition from classical chaos to quantum behavior.