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Temporal Patterns of Rodent Behavior in the Elevated Plus Maze Test

  • Autori: Casarrubea, M; Magnusson, MS; Roy, V; Arabo, A; Sorbera, F; Santangelo, A; Crescimanno, G
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2012
  • Tipologia: eedings
  • Parole Chiave: t-pattern analysis; elevated plus maze; anxiety; rat
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The aim of the present study was to evaluate, by means of a temporal pattern analysis, rat’s behavior in the elevated plus maze test. A specific software called THEME has been used. On the basis of an ethogram encompassing 24 behavioral elements, results demonstrated that 14 components represented the 98% of the displayed activities. 145 different temporal patterns have been detected; length distribution of such patterns showed that three-, four-, and five-elements patterns were more represented than two-elements ones. Finally, a complex temporal pattern encompassing 8 behavioral elements has been discussed. Present article demonstrated the presence of complex temporal patterns characterizing the behavior of rats in the elevated plus maze test.