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Andreotti una biografia politica : dall'associazionismo cattolico al potere democristiano (1919-1969)


Constituent member, deputy, minister, seven-time prime minister, senator for life, Giulio Andreotti (1919-2013) went through the whole history of republican Italy, despite accusations, scandals and trials. Its extraordinary political longevity has made it the symbol not only of the Christian Democracy but of the "Republic of parties" itself that has governed our country for fifty years. This volume, starting from the papers of his personal archive, tries to historicize his figure, reconstructing his formation in the Fuci with his initial "radical" sympathies, the relationship with Alcide De Gasperi from the Resistance to the presidency of the Council, the adhesion to the DC and the struggle between his currents, the action as minister (Finance, Defense, Industry), relations with the Vatican and the American administrations, until the dispute of '68. A supporter of a united DC and pivot of the political system, guarantor of Italy's western and pro-European position, Andreotti was able to anchor moderate public opinion