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Space Syntax Analysis Applied to Urban Street Lighting: Relations between Spatial Properties and Lighting Levels

  • Autori: Leccese, F.; Lista, D.; Salvadori, G.; Beccali, M.; Bonomolo, M.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2019
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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According to the international technical standards, higher lighting levels (luminance and illuminance levels) are expected in trafficked and central roads (where restrictive minimum lighting requirements are necessary) and lower lighting levels are expected in peripheral and less trafficked roads. Starting from this assumption, in this paper, the authors analyse the correlations between spatial properties (expressed by spatial indicators, for example, the integration index and the choice index) and lighting levels (expressed by lighting parameters, for example luminance and illuminance) upon roads of an urban context. The analysis has been applied to the case study of the medium sized town of Pontedera (central Italy). From the obtained results, it has been possible to observe how the correlations between integration index and luminance and illuminance values are significant in the case of roads equipped with lighting systems able to satisfy the lighting requirements established by the regulations. The presence of the discussed correlations lays the foundation for a change in the lighting design approach on urban scale, being able to set lighting requirements on the basis of space syntax results without the use of traditional methods of road classifications involving traffic volume estimations.