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Boundary element method for magneto electro elastic laminates


A boundary integral formulation and its numerical implementation are presented for the analysis of magneto electro elastic media. The problem is formulated by using a suitable set of generalized variables, namely the generalized displacements, which are comprised of mechanical displacements and electric and magnetic scalar potentials, and generalized tractions, that is mechanical tractions, electric displacement and magnetic induction. The governing boundary integral equation is obtained by generalizing the reciprocity theorem to the magneto electro elasticity. The fundamental solutions are calculated through a modified Lekhnitskii's approach, reformulated in terms of generalized magneto-electro-elastic displacements. To assess the reliability and effectiveness of the formulation, some numerical analyses have been carried out and the convergence of the method has been studied. The multidomain approach has been developed for the analysis of multilayered structures. Numerical results obtained show good agreement with those found in the literature.