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Chronological expression of Ciliated Bronchial Epithelium 1 during pulmonary development.

  • Autori: Haitchi, H.; Yoshisue, H.; Ribbene, A.; Wilson, S.; Holloway, J.; Bucchieri, F.; Hanley, N.; Wilson, D.; Zummo, G.; Holgate, S.; Davies, D.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2009
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista (Articolo in rivista)
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Ciliated Bronchial Epithelium (CBE) 1 is a novel gene, which is expressed in ciliated cells. As cilia are important during embryogenesis, the present authors characterised the murine homologue of CBE1 (Cbe1) and compared its temporal expression during murine and human lung development. Cbe1 cDNA was cloned and characterised using sequencing, standard PCR and Western blotting. Mouse and human embryonic/fetal lungs (HELs) were harvested for mRNA analysis and protein localisation in vivo and in vitro using RT-PCR and immunohistochemistry. The Cbe1 amino acid sequence was >75% identical with CBE1 and its alternative splicing and tissue distribution were highly conserved. Pulmonary expression of Cbe1 mRNA was increased at embryonic day (E)16, 1 day later than Foxj1, which is consistent with a role in ciliogenesis. In HELs, CBE1 mRNA was detectable at 8-9 weeks post-conception and increased in explant culture. CBE1 protein expression was weak at 10 weeks post-conception but strong at 12.3 weeks post-conception, in parallel with cilia formation. Additionally, Cbe1 mRNA was expressed at E11 (4-5 weeks post-conception in HELs) in the absence of Foxj1, implying a distinct role in early development. Chronological regulation of CBE1/Cbe1 expression during pulmonary differentiation suggests involvement in ciliogenesis, with an additional role during early lung development.