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Comparison on the use of PV systems in the vertical walls

  • Autori: Romano, P.; Miceli, R.; Spataro, C.; Schettino, G.; Caruso, M.; Busacca, A.; Parisi, A.; Guarino, S.; Cino, A.; Viola, F.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2015
  • Tipologia: Proceedings (TIPOLOGIA NON ATTIVA)
  • OA Link:


In this article the preliminary evaluation of the performance of a photovoltaic window is presented. The aim is to trace the behavior of next-generation systems, which favor architectonical integration. Three different systems have been taken into account: a dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC), blue and grey caved silicon panels. The systems can be placed behind a window or behind a wall of glass blocks