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On the non-malacostracan crustaceans (Crustacea: Branchiopoda, Copepoda, Ostracoda) from the inland waters of Fthiotida (Greece)

  • Autori: Marrone, Federico; Arculeo, Marco; Georgiadis, Christos; Stoch, Fabio
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2019
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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In the frame of the activities of the LIFE11 NAT/GR/1014 ForOpenForests, some water bodies occurring in the "Ethnikos Drymos Oitis” (GR2440004) and “Oros Kallidromo” (GR2440006) (Sterea Ellada) were investigated with the aim of providing a first census of the composition and diversity of their crustacean fauna. Overall, the sampling of 15 water bodies (7 of them listed as “Mediterranean temporary ponds” sensu EU “Habitats Directive”) led to the finding of 13 branchiopod, 11 copepod, and 7 ostracod taxa, including 4 species new for mainland Greece, i.e. the copepods Arctodiaptomus alpinus (Imhoff, 1885) and Diaptomus cf. serbicus, and the branchiopods Leptestheria dahalacensis (Rüppel, 1837) and Wlassicsia pannonica Daday, 1904. The comparative analysis of the observed species assemblages and richness suggests that the protection of those ponds identified as “priority habitats” according to the “Habitats Directive” is effective for the specialized and peculiar crustacean biota of these ecosystems, but it is not sufficient in order to preserve efficiently the whole diversity of temporary pond-dwelling crustaceans occurring in the study area. Therefore, the implementation of synergistic conservation measures dedicated to both “priority” and “non-priority” habitats is desirable.