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Paesaggio, piano, progetto: problemi lessicali e altro


The notion of landscape and the techniques for landscape design must necessarily be based on two principal regulatory provi- sions, the European Landscape Convention and in Italy the law on cultural heritage and landscape. Consideration must also be given to what is meant by the term ‘landscape’ in normal and specialist parlance and to the nature of the training of land- scape architects, because it is from all this that the ambiguities and misunderstandings that surround the notion of landscape originate. Consideration must also be given to the relations between planning and real and local transformations, because the contents and procedures for the formulation of designs depend on them. Landscape design must in fact construct sys- tems of complex relationships, attribute new iconographic and economic values to places, put together natural and artificial, mineral and vegetable, material and intangible, real and virtual elements together.