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Scienza e tecnica. Heidegger, Heisenberg e il Weltbild della scienza contemporanea


Heidegger's will to go beyond the anthropological-instrumental conception of technique does not result in a mythopoetics of technique as a fatal destiny to resign oneself to, nor in the suggestion of becoming accomplices in an uncontrolled advance of the technique itself. In the dialogue with Heisenberg on the occasion of the cycle of lectures on The arts in the age of technique, the trait of technique emerges understood from the point of view of "historical occurrence" in its essential distinction from "historiographic observation", a trait that appears decisive for the reformulation of the Seinsgeschichte, and that while leaving unresolved the controversial question of the role of the human in regard to technology, it allows a renewed look at the place of man in a world in which man himself has no right to think of himself as the master of other entities .