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Fundamentals of Life Cycle Engineering techniques - Prof. Giuseppe Ingarao


The seminar "Fundamentals of Life Cycle Engineering techniques" aims at providing skills concerning products environmental impact analysis. The whole product life cycle as well as the inventory techniques for each phase life will be analyzed. The concept of material embodied energy, as well as the idea of dominant phase of a product/component life cycle will be analyzed. Life Cycle engineering (LCE) techniques will be presented as means to identify environmentally friendly solution while designing products/components. Comparatives industrial case studies will be thoroughly analyzed.  Also, the Circular Economy paradigm will be analyzed; specifically, several Circular Economy strategies concerning the case of aluminum alloys Reuse/Recycle will be presented. 

The seminar will be delivered remotely in English, in a designated Teams room, on the following dates:

18/05/2021 - h 15:30-18:30

19/05/2021 - h 15:30-18:30

20/05/2021 - h 15:30-17:30


Last Day available for registration Friday May 14th 2021.
Here the registration Link

Here the Link for joining the Seminar on MS Teams




Number of frontal lecture hours: 8.
Number of ECTS: 1

PLEASE NOTE: The seminar is open to Management Engineering Master Degree Students only. Students who have already attended the course given the last year by Professor G. Ingarao titled: “Fondamenti di Tecniche Life Cycle Engineering per quantificare e minimizzare l’impatto ambientale di un prodotto” are NOT eligible for the ECTS acknowledgement.

For attaining the ECTS, students have to pass a test/questionnaire that should be filled in and send back to Prof. G. Ingarao ( within one week after the last session of the seminar. 


Numero di ore di lezione frontale: 8.
Numero di CFU per Altre Attività Formative:1

NOTA BENE: Il seminario è rivolto esclusivamente agli Studenti iscritti al Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Gestionale. Il credito formativo non sarà riconosciuto agli studenti ai quali sono stati già riconosciuti CFU come altre attività formative per aver già seguito il seminario tenuto dal Prof. G. Ingarao denominato “Fondamenti di Tecniche Life Cycle Engineering per quantificare e minimizzare l’impatto ambientale di un prodotto”.

Per ottenere il CFU, gli studenti dovranno superare un test/questionario che dovrà essere compilato e inviato al Prof. G. Ingarao ( entro una settimana dopo l’ultima sessione del seminario.