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  • 1. International partners (100%)

    27-mar-2013 10.00.15

    International partners dottorato, international, partners Show Partners in a larger map Proposer University of Palermo Dipartimento dei Sistemi Agro-Ambientali Italian Partners University of Tuscia - Viterbo Dipartimento di Produzione Vegetale – Facoltà di Agraria Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria Dipartimento di Biotecnologie per il Monitoraggio Agroalimentare – Facoltà di Agraria International Partners National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences- Bucarest

  • 2. h2020-manuale_amga_last (56%)

    26-lug-2017 17.17.11


  • 3. partners (52%)

    4-mar-2014 10.43.43

  • 4. Programme-Guide (47%)

    8-mar-2013 17.33.54

    and the third-country/territories partners.  Scholarships of various lengths - depending ... through a competitive selection process organised by the partners involved. This selection process ... bodies, NGOs, social partners, professional organisations, chambers of commerce or industry, enterprises, etc. These organisations can take part as associated partners in all three Actions ... to socio-economic partners (i.e. commercial enterprises, public authorities or organisations, non

  • 5. Recruiting Day Business Integration Partners (30%)

    8-set-2016 13.26.00

    Recruiting Day Business Integration Partners recruiting, lavoro, COT Il Servizio Placement del COT, in collaborazione con Business Integration Partners (Società di consulenza direzionale specializzata nella Business Integration e Innovation), organizza un Recruiting Day per la selezione di: Neolaureati/Laureandi in Ingegneria, Informatica, Matematica e Statistica per la sede di Milano Le competenze e i valori professionali richiesti sono: ottime capacità logiche, precisione, orientamento agli


    15-nov-2016 15.08.03

    the above-mentioned instruments. They can also involve non-academic partners to strengthen the links ... should involve the most appropriate and diverse range of partners in order to benefit from their ... results. It will be important to ensure an equitable and active involvement of the different partners ... not just on individual participation. Partners must submit mandates118 signed between ... of associated partners (optional). These organisations (for instance non-academic partners) contribute

  • 7. Presentazione di Borse di Studio Bip - Business Integration Partners, 5 Aprile 2019 (27%)

    1-apr-2019 9.46.45

    Presentazione di Borse di Studio Bip - Business Integration Partners, 5 Aprile 2019 articolo, notizia, unipa, dipartimento di ingegneria, borse di studio, master, Bip, politecnico di Milano Si informano tutti gli studenti interessati che il 5 aprile p.v. 2019 alle ore 12:00 presso l’ Aula T104 (Ed. 9 – Dipartimento di Ingegneria) si svolgerà la presentazione di Borse di Studio offerte da Bip, Business Integration Partners, importante società multinazionale di consulenza, per la copertura

  • 8. Point 5 - Draft work programme 2013 - NMP_WD2013_Draft_130312_clean (26%)

    8-mar-2013 17.18.35

    as partners in projects is encouraged across all topics of the NMP Theme. The submission and evaluation

  • 9. TRANSPORT_WP2013_(DRAFT_16-03-12) (25%)

    8-mar-2013 17.18.42

    AAT.2013.7-4. Creating cohesive links and common knowledge between potential partners in EU Framework ... common knowledge between potential partners in EU Framework Programme Collaborative Projects CSA ... are aimed at providing ad hoc support and training for partners and coordinators who want to set-up ... knowledge between potential partners in EU Framework Programme Collaborative Projects CSA-SA SST.2013.2-2

  • 10. guidelines-KNOWLEDGE-ALLIANCES (24%)

    15-nov-2016 15.08.24

    . Knowledge Alliances are open to any discipline, sector and to cross-sectoral cooperation. The partners ... . However, organisations from Partner Countries can be involved in a Knowledge Alliance, as partners ... Alliances have to demonstrate the commitment and added value of all partners, whereby strong and ... proposal is the result of close cooperation between the prospective partners and based on a solid ... . A proper needs-analysis clarifies the rationale, influences the selection of partners, makes the proposal

  • 11. ferrando giur it (24%)

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  • 12. TEMPUS_Instructions for the Application Form (23%)

    8-mar-2013 17.34.01

    management)? 2.2 How balanced is the distribution of tasks amongst partners and in line with the 5 required expertise? 2.3 To what degree do the applicant and partners have sufficient staff ... the consortium partners justified? 5.2 Are the staff costs reasonable for each planned activity ... or Cyrillic alphabet can be used). Do not provide information on individual partners in various ... , for example, in the languages of the respective partners). Each organisation participating

  • 13. be_0057_02_Call_127G-ENT-PPA14_7722 (23%)

    3-ott-2014 12.33.12

    be linked to the identified theme; identification of additional partners, key stakeholders and ... with distribution of tasks between partners and staff members. The description of the proposal should also ... partners (i.e. 5 different legal entities mentioned separately in the grant agreement) having their ... of tasks between partners and staff members. The description of the proposal should also refer ... will be used.  be carried out through a partnership/consortium between a minimum of 3 (three) partners (i.e

  • 14. International networks (23%)

    4-giu-2019 11.14.13

    in collaboration with several scientific partners around the world, as summarized below. Astronomy and Astrophysics EU partners Extra-EU partners Experimental Physics and Chemistry EU partners Extra-EU partners Applied Physics EU partners Extra-EU partners Theoretical and Computational Physics and Chemistry EU partners Extra-EU partners Physics Education Research and History of Physics and Chemistry EU partners Extra-EU partners CECILIA MACALUSO

  • 15. check-list-guide_en (23%)

    8-mar-2013 14.20.32

    partners. Finally, there are "European Technology Platforms" (ETPs) that have been set ... for proposals so allow. SF: Yes. Projects involving only partners from the same Member State ... further partners in the funded project SF: Maybe. There is a clear distinction between ... State. You can cooperate with partners outside the area covered by the national or regional SF ... from that Structural Fund programme, whereas your partners outside the programme area (in adjacent

  • 16. Area-economico-aziendale-2007 (23%)

    30-mag-2013 14.45.58

    by private partners, thus privatizing. We suggest that we can consider the need for the pres- ence ... space to private partners while keeping a political role in coalition formation by using governance ... . From the resource dependency perspective of Pfeffer and Salan- cik (1978), we know partners that bring more ... or influence though legislative and administrative regulation. In choosing the partners, we consider two ... di- mension. 2.2 How the public entity forms the coalition The selection among private partners (the firms

  • 17. BRIDGE HANDBOOK (21%)

    8-mar-2013 17.33.52

    , where the selection of students must decided jointly between the partners of the joint course ... to strengthen this aspect between the partners, by proposing a check procedure at a national level ... the status of the partners within a joint programme in order to be clear and transparent as much ... qualifications issued, partners especially if they assume the form of a joint degree. the only indication

  • 18. Network Internazionali (21%)

    1-feb-2016 14.50.34

    internazionale nell’ambito delle varie tematiche di Ricerca Dipartimentale: ASTRONOMIA E ASTROFISICA Partners ... (Francia) University of St. Andrews, (Regno Unito) University of Tuebingen (Germania) Partners ... E FISICA SPERIMENTALE Partners Europei Departament d’Enginyeria Química, Agrària i Tecnologia ... Unito) Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, Università di Groningen (Olanda) Partners ExtraEuropei ... Partners Europei Aalto University, Helsinki (Finlandia) CEA Saclay (Francia) Central European


    15-nov-2016 15.02.43

    from different countries and, where relevant, other educational and/or non-educational partners ... the partners. When the EMJMD is granted, the applicant/coordinator will become the main EU grant ... ; o coordinates the EMJMD in cooperation with all other project partners. § Partners: degree ... the implementation of the project. § Associated partners (optional): additionally the EMJMD study programme may also benefit from the involvement of associated partners. These organisations

  • 20. ca hermes 30102013 (21%)

    27-giu-2016 15.39.39

    Universities: every university who has signed the Consortium Agreement - Associated Partners: any ... specifically to socio- economic partners, international organisations or in certain cases to third-country higher education institutions. Associated partners are not entitled to benefit directly ... on the program in the Middle East countries. The Associated partners will promote the programme and its ... of the consortium partners 5.1.1 Coordinator The Project Coordinator is responsible