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  • 1. Icar09 - Structural Engineering - Academic programs (100%)

    22-giu-2015 15.22.52

    Icar09 - Structural Engineering - Academic programs Icar09, Structural Engineering, Academic ... engineering. Structural problems of historical buildings and monuments (6 CFU) – Master degree in system engineering building. Prof. Maurizio Papia Structural analysis and Design with laboratory (12 CFU) – Master degree (five years) in Building engineering-architecture. Prof. Piero Colajanni Design of structures in seismic areas (9 CFU) – Master degree in civil engineering. Laboratory of Structural

  • 2. Computer Engineering (96%)

    14-feb-2020 11.12.37

    Computer Engineering Engineering, Computer, Research Professors working in the Scientific Disciplinary Sector of Information Processing Systems constitute the Computer Engineering Section of the Engineering Department. The Computer Engineering Section coagulates the research and the interests ... related to Computer Engineering. The Computer Engineering Section is a driving force and a cultural and scientific reference center in the Sicilian Region, where a steady growth in computer engineering

  • 3. universityofcagliari2012-engineering (96%)

    23-apr-2014 9.43.31

    University of Cagliari Italy Faculty of Engineering and Architecture ... ˃ Engineering and Architecture ˃ Humanities ˃ Medicine ˃ Pharmacy and Biology ˃ Sciences » Departments ... ˃ Philosophy, epistemology and cultural history ˃ Physics ˃ Civil engineering and architecture ˃ Electronic and computer engineering ˃ Industrial engineering ˃ Mathematics and computer science ... History » Founded in 1939 ˃ Mining Engineering » New courses added in ˃ 1950 + Civil


    8-mar-2013 18.51.44


  • 5. ICAR03- Sanitary and Environmental Engineering - Academic programs (87%)

    16-giu-2015 16.34.33

    ICAR03- Sanitary and Environmental Engineering - Academic programs ICAR03, Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Academic programs In recognition of the biggest challenges aimed at protecting human ... - Engineering for the Environment and the Territory Sanitary and Environmental Engineering - Engineering for the Environment and the Territory Prof. Salvatore Nicosia Sanitary-Environmental Engineering Advanced Processes and Treatments - Engineering for the Environment and the Territory Prof. Giorgio

  • 6. Presentation (85%)

    7-lug-2019 18.38.22

    Presentation Engineering, Presentation, Unipa Institution, presentation and objectives Mission and core values Short description Institution, presentation and objectives The Department of Engineering ... , technological and administrative support framework. The Department of Engineering supports, within ... ) Teaching.The Department of Engineering offers and supports the implementation of inter- and multi ... engineering -promote cross-fertilization and smooth exchanges with the stakeholders, contributing

  • 7. ING-IND/15 – Design Methods and Tools for Industrial Engineering (84%)

    25-giu-2019 15.58.56

    ING-IND/15 – Design Methods and Tools for Industrial Engineering Engineering, ING-IND/15 – Design Methods and Tools for Industrial Engineering, Research Description: The group of Design Methods and Tools for Industrial Engineering works at the Engineering Department of the University of Palermo and ... Tools for Industrial Engineering. In particular, the main activity of the group is about the study ... ; synthesis of engineering knowledges, product specifications, normative and environmental constraints

  • 8. modelloA_2015JW9NJT (3) (84%)

    12-gen-2017 12.30.05

    Sciences and Engineering 4 - Possible other ERC field 5 - ERC subfields 1. PE8_3 Civil engineering, architecture, maritime/hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, waste treatment 2. PE8_8 Materials engineering (metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, etc.) 3. 6 - Key Words 1. INNOVATIVE STRUCTURES AND CONSTITUTIVE MODELING 2. ADVANCED MECHANICAL NUMERICAL METHODS 3. DESIGN OF CIVIL ENGINEERING ... the analysis of specific real-life case studies, belonging to different engineering areas in which

  • 9. ING-IND/31 – Electrical Engineering (82%)

    16-giu-2019 12.19.32

    ING-IND/31 – Electrical Engineering Engineering, ING-IND/31 – Electrical Engineering, Research Description: The Palermo Electrical Engineering Group works in the Department of Engineering ... industrial engineering themes. In accordance with the sector declaratory, the scientific-disciplinary ... applications to engineering. Areas of interest include the physical foundations of phenomena ... to engineering; inverse problems; circuits and algorithms based on artificial intelligence techniques

  • 10. ICAR09 - Structural engineering (80%)

    28-giu-2019 12.24.53

    ICAR09 - Structural engineering Engineering, ICAR09 -Structural engineering, Research Description: The Group of Structural Engineering works at the Department of Engineering of the University of Palermo, carrying on research and educational activities on the typical topics of the field of Structural Engineering. More precisely, according to the national declaration of the field, the group ... Constructions, Structural Engineering, Safety, Experimental investigation, Modelling. ELISA OLIVERI /sites

  • 11. Engineering Source (80%)

    24-set-2014 15.02.54

    The Premier Full-Text Information Resource for Engineering Research & Practice Designed for a broad range of engineering professionals and researchers of all types, Engineering Source is the premier dedicated collection of engineering-related content available today. Engineering ... , magazines and trade publications, all directly dealing with engineering-related issues. Energy-focused ... for Engineering Professionals This product provides vital information for professionals involved at any

  • 12. Homepage of MSc Degree Course in Electronics Engineering (77%)

    22-giu-2020 20.30.46

    Homepage of MSc Degree Course in Electronics Engineering electronics engineering, ingegneria elettronica, unipa Coordinator: Prof. Ing. Alessandro Busacca Full Professor - Department of Engineering e-mail: Apply for MSc. in Electronics Engineering NEW Pre-Application ... Engineering, with around 60 years of history, offers an interdisciplinary training program, organized ... laboratory activities, graduates in Electronics Engineering can easily find a job. Graduates in Electronics

  • 13. GEO05 - Engineering Geology (73%)

    1-giu-2019 16.01.20

    GEO05 - Engineering Geology Engineering, Geology, Research Description: This section is made of a single researcher who works in cooperation with collegues of Geotechnical Engineering (ICAR 07) and Material Science and Technology (ING IND 22) for the Department of Engineering of the University ... of geotechics and engineering chemimistry, and regard the geology, the geomorphology, the geothecnic ... ” Keywords: Geo 05 Engineering Geology; HSSR; metastable Soil; building stones, mortars , plasters and

  • 14. INSPEC ed Engineering Source su piattaforma EBSCOHost (72%)

    6-ott-2014 9.56.06

    INSPEC ed Engineering Source su piattaforma EBSCOHost TRIAL, banche dati online, biblioteca digitale, EBSCO, INSPEC, Engineering Source INSPEC Nato oltre 40 anni fa, con i suoi oltre 14 milioni ... : fisica, ingegneria elettrica & elettronica, comunicazioni, informatica, control engineering ... ). Per maggiori approfondimenti sulla banca dati consigliamo la lettura della brochure. Engineering Source ... di ogni tipo, Engineering Source è la prima collezione full text dedicate all’ingegneria e argomenti

  • 15. TRIAL / EBSCO: in prova dal 30/9/2014 le banche dati di ingegneria INSPEC ed Engineering Source (72%)

    6-ott-2014 9.55.08

    TRIAL / EBSCO: in prova dal 30/9/2014 le banche dati di ingegneria INSPEC ed Engineering Source TRIAL, banche dati online, biblioteca digitale, EBSCO, INSPEC, Engineering Source A partire dal 30 ... dell'Ateneo di Palermo, le banche dati INSPEC e Engineering Source, su piattaforma EBSCO. L'accesso ... engineering, tecnologia dell’informazione, ricerca operativa, scienza dei materiali, oceanografia ... . Engineering Source Progettato per soddisfare in modo ampio e complete le esigenze di ingegneri

  • 16. Icar09 - Structural Engineering - Research (70%)

    22-giu-2015 15.14.53

    Icar09 - Structural Engineering - Research Icar09, Structural Engineering, Research Research projects The research areas of Structural Engineering Group of DICAM are: R.C. structures Seismic ... . Funicular structures. Interaction domains of internal forces. Seismic engineering problems Dynamic ... of University Laboratories of Seismic Engineering - RELUIS); Line 1.1.2 – Ordinary and Precast Reinforced ... engineering applications. Research activity 2014-2015. P.O. F.E.S.R. Sicilia 2007/2013 - Line

  • 17. ING-IND/35 Management Engineering (68%)

    10-giu-2019 15.59.14

    ING-IND/35 Management Engineering Engineering, ING-IND/35 Management Engineering, Research Description: Main research activities are: STRATEGIC AND INNOVATION MANAGEMENT (Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing, Corporate Venture Capital networks, Venture Capital networks and startup performance Business ... management: the Management Engineering group has a consolidated tradition in doing research ... ARS01_00917; FINDUSTRY 4.0 (Future Internet for Industry 4.0) – Convenzione con Engineering SpA. Keywords

  • 18. ING-IND/17 - Industrial Systems Engineering (67%)

    10-giu-2019 15.48.32

    ING-IND/17 - Industrial Systems Engineering Engineering, ING-IND/17 - Industrial Systems Engineering, Research Description: The Group of Industrial Systems Engineering carries out research and educational activities within the typical topics of the scientific sector ING-IND 17. They concern the general criteria, methodologies and techniques that govern the different phases (i.e. planning ... is an agreement for the attainment of the double Ph.D. in "Engineering of technological innovation" and

  • 19. ING-INF/01 – Electronics Engineering (67%)

    28-giu-2019 18.14.20

    ING-INF/01 – Electronics Engineering Engineering, ING-INF/01 – Electronics Engineering, Research Description: The Electronics Group of the Department of Engineering of the University of Palermo promotes research, teaching and training activities in the typical fields of Electronics and, in coherence with the declaration of the scientific disciplinary sector (SSD), gathers the technical and ... piattaforme ADAS Keywords: ING-INF/01; Electronics Engineering, research activity. ELISA OLIVERI /sites

  • 20. Structural and Infrastructural Engineering (66%)

    5-giu-2019 15.12.36

    Structural and Infrastructural Engineering Engineering, Structures and Infrastructures, Research The Structural and Infrastructural Engineering Section Coordinator is prof. Guido Borino, it has 31 professors and 8 Scientific-Disciplinar Sectors: GEO/05 – Engineering Geology ICAR/04 – Roads, Railways and Airports ICAR/05 – Transportation ICAR/06 – Topography and Cartography ICAR/07 – Geothecnics ICAR/08 – Structural mechanics ICAR/09 – Structural engineering ICAR/14 – Urban and architectonics