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  • 1. SAE_Electric mobility (100%)

    23-gen-2020 9.14.36

    in the SFSC to intro- able character of the SFSC has recently raised some doubts duce EVs inside their ... ; Renting et al., 2003), as well as noting that they carbonization of transport. EVs are seen as a viable ... ). In social terms, several investigations operating in the SFSC in introducing EVs into their business ... for a mass EVs deployment, followed by purchase which when in the SFSC local products are stored and pur ... explicitly, sion of the area concerned by EVs introduction is also a and in some cases solely

  • 2. Programma_EVIta 2019 (84%)

    4-nov-2019 11.58.33

    President University of Turin, Italy 09:00-10:15 Session I - EVs as Therapeutics (I) Chairs ... extracellular vesicles (EVs) as mediators of anti-inflammatory effects: endorsement of macrophage ... derived extracellular vesicles (EVs). 10:00-10:15 Federica Collino, University of Padua “Extracellular ... Hopkins University, USA “Direct from the source: can we separate tissue EVs to inform the biomarker ... -Sinai Medical Center, USA 10:45-11:00 Coffee break 11:00-13:15 Session II – EVs as Biomarkers

  • 3. EVIta 2019 - Primo congresso della Società Nazionale per le vescicole extracellulari (84%)

    4-nov-2019 12.02.03

    Real Teatro Santa Cecilia, piazza Teatro Santa Cecilia 5 EVIta 2019 - Primo congresso della Società Nazionale per le vescicole extracellulari articolo, notizia, unipa, EVIta, vescicole extracellulari, EVs L’Università degli Studi di Palermo patrocina “EVIta 2019”, il primo congresso della Società Nazionale per le vescicole extracellulari (EVIta), organizzazione che sostiene la ricerca e promuove ... (EVs). L’iniziativa prende il via mercoledì 6, alle 18.30, e prosegue fino a venerdì 8 Novembre


    15-nov-2016 15.04.26

    for experienced EVS Coordinating Organisations. Detailed description of each of these two types ... also be allowed to go on EVS for a shorter duration of time (from 2 weeks and up). A project can ... the qualitative principles of the European Voluntary Service, as described in the EVS Charter ... throughout the duration of the activity. The participation in an EVS activity must be free of charge ... of the activity. The essential costs for volunteers' participation in the EVS activity are covered

  • 5. Progetto di ricerca Emanuela Vicario (53%)

    3-nov-2016 10.31.16

    growth and survival. Recently, extracellular vesicles (EVs) have emerged as novel vehicles of tumor ... microenvironment 5, 6, 7. EVs are plasma membrane fragments that include, among several others, microvesicles ... proteins or other extracellular structures, such as EVs 14. EVs that contain miRNAs may ... significant implications for therapeutic intervention against cancer. Recent studies show that EVs ... osseous metastasis 16.The presence of EVs-enclosed miRNAs in cancer tissues provides new

  • 6. guidelines-CAPACITY-BUILDING-YOUTH (37%)

    15-nov-2016 15.08.14

    for volunteers' participation in the EVS activity are covered by the Erasmus+ grant or through other ... Countries Neighbouring the EU must hold a valid EVS accreditation at the relevant application deadline (for more information, please consult the EVS section of the Annex I of this Guide). Duration ... Voluntary Service. Exception: volunteers who carried out a short-term EVS under Key Action 1

  • 7. curriculum vitae Inglese- Ines Ferrara (31%)

    16-nov-2018 11.24.57


  • 8. Report_finale_corso_unicef (26%)

    13-mar-2017 12.22.03

    end formula (32 hours in three meeting dedicated to teachers, Unicef EVS; 32 hours in three meeting ... (teachers, EVS) are: Cognome Nome Luogo e-mail Profilo di Nascit a 1. Accetta Rossana Unicef 2

  • 9. draft Energy WP 2013 (22%)

    8-mar-2013 17.18.32

  • 10. Icar22 - Estimo - Ricerca (22%)

    19-giu-2015 15.00.29

    internazionalmente (IVS, EVS, RICS, IAS/IFRS, IAAO). Analisi del mercato immobiliare. Studio dei caratteri, delle

  • 11. Icar22 - Real Estate Appraisal - Research (22%)

    19-giu-2015 15.01.34

    . The studies apply the accounting and cadastral valuation standards, internationally recognized (IVS, EVS

  • 12. Informagiovani e Itastra insieme inclusione giovani migranti (22%)

    4-ott-2016 17.10.00

    . Info: Blog di Informagiovani

  • 13. Informagiovani e Itastra insieme inclusione giovani migranti (22%)

    15-set-2016 11.47.37

    . Info: Blog di Informagiovani

  • 14. Informagiovani e ItaStra insieme per l'inclusione di giovani migranti in Europa (22%)

    16-set-2016 15.29.28

    :)". con foto e testo. Per una lettura completa, si rinvia al blog di Informagiovani http://evs

  • 15. Focus-progetti di mobilità ErasmusPlus (22%)

    20-set-2016 9.17.49

    dovranno poi essere diffusi.  Scambi per i giovani + SVE (Servizio di Volontariato Europeo - EVS

  • 16. Regolamento prova finale (22%)

    24-giu-2014 12.44.36

      d:s r eit us ,  ndc in oee f rnl e mtt raiae/ o   dpa rers e evs  e see   e g denn esstsa t eez r

  • 17. Informagiovani e Itastra insieme per sostenere l'inclusione in Europa di giovani migranti (22%)

    14-set-2016 9.34.29

    di Informagiovani

  • 18. 140312 Regolamento esami finali L24 (22%)

    12-mar-2014 9.09.41

      d:s r eit us ,  ndc in oee f rnl e mtt raiae/ o   dpa rers e evs  e see   e g denn esstsa t eez r

  • 19. CV Giallombardo Marco 02-17 ENGLISH_b (19%)

    13-feb-2017 10.46.04

    -EVs in Cancer – ISEV 2015. Abstract and Poster. 9. Quadriceps muscle proteomic profiling

  • 20. 53 bando (19%)

    21-nov-2019 10.51.26

    , enabling the detailed identification of differently sized subpopulations of extracellular vesicles (EVs