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  • 1. 2012 JME Di Betta Amenta 08997764 (100%)

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    The Media as a Policy Instrument in Influencing the Business Model of Professional Soccer: Evidence ... : 15 Jun 2012 To cite this article: Paolo Di Betta & Carlo Amenta (2012): The Media as a Policy ... : 10.1080/08997764.2012.676582 The Media as a Policy Instrument in Influencing the Business Model ... arena. Rarely has the whole media industry been made an instrument of industrial policy in which state ... ) with a sharing rule. Our motivating example, in which the media has become an instrument in policy

  • 2. 2007 Di Betta FMP ufficiale (89%)

    24-set-2013 13.11.53

    et al., 2004 and Christmann, 2004 for environmental policy standardization by multi- national ... » will mental variables of the CSR policy are at emerge at centre stage. Consequently, the the crossroads ... standardization and a «stan- ization in one of the relevant CSR dimen- dardized advertising policy ... . mine the policies inside the table, and then, Sandler and Shani show that firms have through the policy, the effect ... costs, a CSR policy can be adapt- We suggest to consider a network effect ed from one country

  • 3. 2012 Homegrown Amenta Ballor Di Betta 14001 (76%)

    24-set-2013 13.13.25

    on the Policy towards Home-grown Players in English Soccer Carlo Amenta1, Claudio Ballor2 & Paolo ... , which hints at a more active communication policy for the clubs in order to nurture the link ... , as opposed to managerial variables, on the policy towards home-grown players, which is a preeminent ... how the policy on home-grown players could be communicated to the community and to the regulatory ... socially responsibile policy for English clubs. 2. Method We built up a panel data on English soccer

  • 4. 2010 RDES_2_DiBetta_Amenta (67%)

    24-set-2013 11.52.13

    J. BORLAND, R. MACDONALD, Demand for Sports, in Oxford Review of Economic Policy, vol. 19, no. 4 ... on soccer. Broadcasting rights have become a tool to pursue this policy, so the Presidency of the EU has

  • 5. 2010 you can even walk alone (67%)

    24-set-2013 11.53.43

    policy is to establish an umbrella association whose membership is granted only to fans with a clear ... supporters’ associations. The second policy uses ticket price fixing to discriminate against bad behaviour ... ’ behavior in the arena and imposes fines to clubs. This policy gives organized associations ... /05 to 2006/07). It is focused on policy implications, a neglected aspect in the literature ... . In the last section we outline some policy implications. 2. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK The sport

  • 6. 2012_XIV_rapporto_IEM (56%)

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  • 7. 2012 Rural Tourism Di Betta Amenta 10.5539jms.v3n1p33 (55%)

    24-set-2013 12.40.55

    an indicator of policy proneness towards sustainable tourism. Moreover, if the investigation were ... quality of service in hospitality, since these activities are part of a diversification policy ... influenced by environmental policy. Farmers consider agritourism an opportunity to increase revenues ... : a Systematic Approach to Measuring and Reporting Policy performance in the context of Sustainable

  • 8. The Economist 14 Nov 2015 (51%)

    24-nov-2015 16.39.46

    it “an arsenal of monetary policy” to bring to bear. In the immediate aftermath of 2007 the growth ... in Europe while America tightens monetary policy is a recipe for a stronger dollar. If the greenback rises

  • 9. Three_Late_Qing_Chinese_translations_of (48%)

    19-gen-2021 10.45.43

    . However, Western governments use this missionary activity to implement their imperialist policy” 耶教非 ... ] are engaged in spreading their own culture. The policy of conversion is frightening, and as a method

  • 10. Seminari sul tema "Risk in Banking" (47%)

    24-nov-2015 16.40.47

    Seminari sul tema "Risk in Banking" articolo, notizia, unipa Si invitano gli studenti del Corso di Risk Management e del Dottorato di Ricerca in Scienze Economiche, Aziendali e Statistiche a partecipare al ciclo di Seminari sul tema “Risk in Banking: Financial Crisis, Liquidity Risk and the Transmission of Monetary Policy “, organizzato in collaborazione con il Prof. Roberto Moro Visconti, Professore di Finanza Aziendale, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano. I Seminari

  • 11. TRINCHERO (45%)

    8-mag-2018 17.14.20

    quindi necessario partire da questo quadro per rendere consapevoli le perso- ne dei rischi associati

  • 12. 2012 Amenta Ballor Di Betta International Journal of Marketing Studies (40%)

    24-set-2013 11.54.02

    if sold. Players can be loaned, and he must decide whether to do so, and a policy of alliances