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  • 1. 2007 Di Betta FMP ufficiale (100%)

    24-set-2013 13.11.53

    CSR We pursue two aims for a multiunit firm and/or multinational enterprise (MNE). The first aim ... ) are very clear on this. Our aim is just to lever on what should be an accepted and widespread concept ... compliance. With the about the impact on the others and on aim of propagating CSR culture, it could ... for transfer this aim. With Galbreath (2006) we share pricing, including national cultures as a the aim

  • 2. 2012 JME Di Betta Amenta 08997764 (100%)

    24-set-2013 11.54.09

    , Law No. 106, passed on July 19, 2007, activated another switch in regime. With the aim to foster ... at improving CB, we suggest that before passing the law with that aim, the legislator should have ... members upon the situation in which each seller bargains individually? Our main aim is to test ... the scene as a legitimate aim to justify the laws, that reducing revenue inequality is more important ... clubs, with the introduction of the pooling and sharing of revenues to the aim of improving Downloaded

  • 3. New page (95%)

    22-mar-2015 9.43.13

    , receiving water body) with the aim to identify structural possibilities and not for controlling ... reearchers. The aim is to elucidate the critical issues related to GHG emissions. The project involves also ... Rosso) and involves both experimental and mathematical modelling activities with the final aim to reduce

  • 4. Research Projects (95%)

    6-mar-2016 9.09.00

    treatment plant, receiving water body) with the aim to identify structural possibilities and not ... and overall 10 reearchers. The aim is to elucidate the critical issues related to GHG emissions ... with the final aim to reduce GHG from WWTP. Mannina, G., Cosenza, A., Gori, R., Sobhani, R., Garrido M

  • 5. 2010 you can even walk alone (94%)

    24-set-2013 11.53.43

    to a friend. The sole case when a season ticket holder misses a game is whenever the team’s aim ... , a case in which profit motives can be reconciled with social ones. Having assessed the aim of our ... devised, which is a different route to reach the aim of the proposal. If, as we suggest, getting ... our aim to present results to imply a rationale in favour of an empty stadium or to support the idea

  • 6. 2012 Rural Tourism Di Betta Amenta 10.5539jms.v3n1p33 (87%)

    24-set-2013 12.40.55

    we are forced to consider them together. The aim of the paper is to measure quality of service ... , we do not aim at adding to the already huge literature on quality assessments. oH wever, since ... with the diversification eye only, only with the aim to rise income, and this limited perspective

  • 7. 2010 RDES_2_DiBetta_Amenta (78%)

    24-set-2013 11.52.13

    )). The focus of this paper is on d), e), and f). Our aim is to present and analyse two measures of CB


    24-set-2013 11.53.56

    on attitudes, which is the main declared aim. We suggest that the measurement of the impact

  • 9. 2012 Homegrown Amenta Ballor Di Betta 14001 (67%)

    24-set-2013 13.13.25

    are considered areas in which to implement active policies with the aim to pursue a societal role