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Centro per l’innovazione e il miglioramento della didattica universitaria



In line with the provisions of the Strategic Plan, one of the main objectives of Unipa is the continuous improvement of the quality of education. Among the strategic priorities of the University there are, in particular, the actions to train and support the teaching community, i.e. lecturers.

The innovating of university teaching is also one of the strategic priorities at national and European level, and a pressing need with regard to the complex and rapid social transformations and the remarkable changes in educational demand, something which is growing and emerging from increasingly differentiated targe-groups.

For these reasons, the University of Palermo has constituted the CIMDU (Centre for the innovation and enhancement of university teaching).


Aim of the Centre

The primary objectives of CIMDU are: improving the quality of teaching, also through the updating and qualification of university lecturers, and monitoring the effectiveness of learner training paths.

The Centre aims, in particular, to promote the qualification of professional teachers with regard to teaching and learning, in an educational context where students are stimulated to reason critically, are actively involved and properly supported in their development.



For this purpose, the Centre promotes, through

research, projects, seminars, the following actions:

- Checking of the possible use of new practices, innovations and experiments, including new technology

- Constant verification and implementation of educational evaluation rather than the summative approach

- Integration between research, teaching and innovation

- Exchange and enhancement of "good practices"

- Extension of mentoring activities


Training of new teachers;

“Mentore” project;

Specific meetings targeted at the Presidents of Degree Courses;

Organs – Steering Committee.

The CIMDU Steering Committee has the task of defining and coordinating annually, in accordance with the University's strategic plan, the objectives and the strategies for their achievement.

The Steering Committee, chosen by the Rector, following consultation with the Academic Senate, is composed of teachers with specific experience related to the quality and/or innovation of teaching, with a three-year mandate, and a students’ representative, with a two-year mandate. Mandates are renewable.

The composition of the Steering Committee is as follows:

- President: Rector or his delegate;

- a teacher appointed at the proposal of the Organizing Committee of the Project “Mentore”;

- one representative for each macro area of the university;

- a University lecturer from the Pedagogical Area (M-PED sectors);

- a student representative appointed at the proposal of the Student Council.


With Rector’s Decree 3856 of 05/11/2019 the following members have been appointed:

- Prof. Laura Auteri, Rector’s Delegate, President

- Prof. Onofrio Scialdone (representing the “Mentore” project)

- Prof. Claudio Fazio (macroarea I)

- Prof. Emanuele Amodio (macroarea II)

- Prof. Giulia Bonafede (macroarea III)

- Prof. Luisa Amenta (macroarea IV)

- Prof. Federico Russo (macroarea V)

- Prof. Alessandra La Marca (University lecturer from the Pedagogical Area M-PED)

- M. Antonino Di Benedetto (students’ representative)


The Committee cooperates with the teaching delegates of the Departments and with the “Istituto per le Tecnologie didattiche” of CNR Palermo.

The Centre may also take advantage of the collaboration of the Regional School Office.

The administrative, management and IT activities of CIMDU are handled by the Quality, programming and strategic support Area.