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László Dinya


DinyaPersonal information
First name(s) / Surname(s) Prof. Dr. László Dinya
Address(es) Gólya u. 4/7., 3200 Gyöngyös, Hungary
Telephone(s) (+36) 37 518354 Mobile: (+36) 20 9390929
Fax(es) (+36) 518 334
Nationality Hungarian
Date of birth 13.08.1949
Gender male
Desired employment / Occupational field reviewer

Work experience
Dates From 2000 1998-2000 1994-1998 1987-1994 1983-1987 1973-1983
Occupation or position held Professor Professor State secretary Professor Professor Assistant prof.
Main activities and responsibilities Teaching, R+D Teaching, R+D Higher education Teaching, R+D Teaching, R+D Teaching, R+D
Name and address of employer KRF-Gyöngyös JATE-Szeged Min. of Education SZÉF-Szeged GMFK-Mezőtúr MFK-Szarvas
Type of business or sector Higher education Higher education Public service Higher education Higher education Higher educ.

Education and training
Dates 1978-1982 1968-1973
Title of qualification awarded CSc. Engineer
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Economics Agricultural, technical (sustainability of organisations and regions, knowledge network management and marketing)
Name and type of organisation providing education and training MTA-Budapest (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) GATE-MGK, Gödöllő (University)
Level in national or international classification PhD. MSc

Personal skills and competences
Mother tongue(s) Specify mother tongue: Hungarian
Other language(s)
Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing
European level (*) Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English Language x x x x x
German Language X x x x x
Russian Language x x x x

Social skills and competences Communication, conflict management, moderating workshops

Organisational skills and competences Leading projects (30 years), departments and higher education institutions (25 years), R+D+I networks and teams (30 years)
Leading consulting companies (20 years)
Technical skills and competences Technical engineering, renewable energy sources
Computer skills and competences Word, Excel, Internet, SPSS, PWP
Other skills and competences Study tours and international networking in more than 50 countries
Driving licence B,C, D
Additional information 532 publications (12 books among them), 598 citations


List of the 5 most important publications

László Dinya (2012): The green local economy (International Journal of Business Insights and Transformations, ISSN 0974-5874, Volume 5 Special Issue 3 July 2012, 84-91 p.)

László Dinya (2011): Biomass in Regional Development (presentation, 19th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition – Berlin, 8-10-th June, 2011, Session Reference: OD6.1- T 5.4 ”Financing of bio energy projects” )

László Dinya (2011): Managing economic networks in the green economy (In: Knowledge network and cluster building, NORRIA – Miskolc, ISBN 978-963-88345-3-9, 273 – 283. p.)

László Dinya (2008): Sustainable Innovation Networks (InCoDe - International Innovation Conference for Cooperation Development, University Pécs, October 16-18, 2008, Proceedings: ISBN 978-963-642-248-6, 45-56. p.)

László Dinya et al. (2008): Eco-energetic Integration - Challenges in Global Network Management („Global Marketing Conference” – KAMS / S. Korea and Shanghai, Jiao Tong University / China, March 20-23 2008, ISSN 1976-8699, Session 3.5: „Industrial Marketing II.”, 1-12. p.)