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Conference venues


Conference Venues


The conference will take place at Palazzo Steri, Rettorato and at CLA, Centro Linguistico d’Ateneo.


Some events of the conference will be held in the Rectorate Palace (i.e. opening ceremony).Looking over Piazza Marina on the north side, Palazzo Steri is a typical example of the kind of fortressed palaces that were fairly common amongst powerful mediaeval noble families. It was built in 1307 and has had a fascinating history. Apart from being the scene of many power struggles between local noble families and sovereign rulers (in particular the Spanish), Palazzo Steri became the official residence of the Spanish Viceroy and then, in 1601, the Sicilian branch of the "Spanish" Inquisition took it over as their base. Indeed, Piazza Marina witnessed many an execution as the Inquisition took root in Palermo. Today it is home to the offices of the Rector of Palermo University and, of equal importance, to Renato Guttuso's world-famous painting of the Vucciria market.

Most of the activities (parallel sessions, coffee and lunch breaks) will be located at the Centro Linguistico D’Ateneo (CLA), Piazza Sant’Antonino.